Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Kind of Union

Here's another UYA piece.
In the late 1800s, workers in many industrialized countries began to organize to better their terrible working conditions. They were able to organize because of the very thing that gave them their terrible working and living conditions; the factory. It was a new concept born in the efficiency-driven gilded-age mindset of that time. The Unions were able to change a great deal. Not everything; there were compromises made. But where they left off, we can continue.

This world needs a new kind of Union.

Let the history textbooks fifty years from now read thus; That in this new millennium, with it's consumer culture that supposedly sedated America, this sleeping giant arose again; That the consumers, lead by the youth, organized to better their own lives, countries, and world; that they used the very things that bound them to their circumstances, the internet and all their electronic communications, to organize themselves into a fierce consumerist economic-political machine; That in this decade, century, and millennium the masters became the servants, the new surged past the old, and the Youth were the ones to teach their elders.

Welcome to the United Youth of America.