Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Short Essay

My first post on the blog. This should get interesting. I guess I'll promote this...somehow. Too tired to think properly right now.

Here's a short essay I wrote awhile back. Not perfect, but I don't feel like altering it at present. I may come back and touch it up, I'll let you know when I update it. Honesty is a good thing. Anyways, Hope you enjoy it, and that it makes you ponder.

Let's think logically about a single question. It should answer some questions you may have about this Blog. Bear with me, this will be a long ride.

What is Normal? This is perhaps the most important question you can ask in your life. As a fact, Normalcy is relative to our own experience. Knowing this, we can move on to ask further questions, from which the importance of asking this initial question stems.

What is our experience? Our experience is a collective interpretation of events that have occurred in our life. This leads, logically, to another question.

What are these events? These events vary from person to person, but more important than asking what, is how. These events happen not in a random matter, as in a completely anarchistic, non-structured universe. However, the do not happen in a controlled, predetermined manner either, as in a theistic idealization of our universe. The truth is somewhere in between either of these two undesirable extremes. However, it is even more undesirable than the aforementioned.

The Universe is chaotic, as advanced theoretical science has shown us. However, the events we all experience as human beings, inhabitants of this earth, are largely governed, for all purposes of history, by rules. These rules are parts of larger systems, and these systems are part of an overarching effect stemming from synergistic effects of these systems. These control everyone from the poorest people on the globe, to the middle class, to the hyper-rich. However, since these systems are the very reason why we have wealth in our society, the rich are privileged to have the systems work for them, whereas everyone else is favored increasingly less so, generally indicated by their wealth. Thought it may seem that this small group of hyper-rich people control the globe, it is important to note that they actually do not; the systems do. And these systems, though comprised of people, are a far different entity. Killing all the rich people will never solve any long term problems; getting rid of the idea of rich will. Let me elaborate further. Though not alive in our tradition biological sense of the word, and have no physical presence, they are "alive" in that they, by merely existing and imposing it's existence on the oblivious, will do things that preserve itself. If anything is a hallmark of life, it is that it contains within it the machinery for sustaining, if not growing, itself. So in reality, we should focus our attention in this arena twofold; to the Elite, who are given a position of privilege by the SystemWeb, but also to the systems themselves, though unlike the elite they do not have any physical presence. The latter is of course the most dominant, and least discussed by far; we should accordingly discuss them.

What precisely is the SystemWeb? Though it can be difficult to fully encompass all parts of the system, and distinguish them from the people under their thumb, as shown above, they fall roughly into 5 categories: Politics, Religion, Economy, Government, and by extension the Military.The former two are the primary (But by no means only) means of distributing out distraction. The systems that govern Politics and Religion have developed so that they now deal with irrelevant and ridiculous phenomena and/or issues, that are merely self-generated ways of distracting people from the key elements of the system. They're very good at their collective job, as well. Economy is the centerpiece of the system; Money indeed makes the world go 'round. The only problem with this is that at this point, the money we use daily is a representation of a representation of a representation for arbitrary value; in other words, all money is only worth anything, because a lot of people are willing to use it. It's a very inefficient system. But let's not get sidetracked. Into this category, I lump everything dealing with Corporations, Economics, and the Monetary System, as being issues that definitely belong in this category. Government and the Military go hand in hand; the latter is only necessary because of the SystemWeb, and the former is so corrupted at this point by the categories of Religion and Politics it merits it's own category, as massive change is needed in the basic structure of most Governments. So, though I loathe categorization, we can use this analogy because that which we describe is itself made up of categories, so it does not affect our scope too badly, as long as we remember that these categories are fluid, and that a single issue could, in theory, occupy parts of itself in all 5 categories; in fact, an example of this would be the SystemWeb itself. But onto a matter of great importance.

How were these systems created, how was this web composed? Was it God who made them? No, even assuming such a being(s) exist. Is it God? In an ironic sense of the word, I suppose so, but in reality it is as far from any God that is at all worthy of praise if it is God. What they are, are ways of controlling things. This is the definition of a system, that it sets down guidelines to be followed by certain input and output. And we created them. Not us, personally; we merely sustain them. But our ancestors, long ago, from the Sea of Japan, to the Aztec Plain, to the Mesopotamian Rivers. They created them, because they knew no better; and since then, through state-organized indoctrination, disguised in the form of familial upbringing, there are few who would be able to rise up to begin to contemplate "what if..." scenarios in which the now unnecessary systems, created so long ago, are discarded as useless. When they do, they fail to spread their message adequately, or their society rejects them either with methods from mere marginalization to execution. And so, these systems manage to propagate themselves, by maintaining a monopoly of absolutely malignant proportions, a stranglehold on Humanity.

This is not to say that Society is one entity; the elite squabble as they have since the beginning of time, using the common man as their pawns, Technology as their rooks, the middle class as their knights, and Religion as their bishops (Though Consumerism is gradually stripping Religion of it's purpose and title by surpassing it as a means of controlling people), and the military as their Queen. It's a chess game, on a global scale. And you're merely an expendable pawn. However, Humanity's enemy is not any one society; it is the collective concept that is past and present Society. That is, our enemy is not "Black", or "White"; rather, the players themselves. Those whom we do not see or hear of normally, and who really call the shots. And thus we see that...

Society, seeking self-preservation, has done a magnificent job of controlling humanity. It has kept us in awe of imaginary things, from religion to nationalism to consumerism. Through this, Society not only makes us conform to it's own arbitrary, and often useless standards, but more importantly makes us want to do so; through this, humanity is divided up by race, nationality, and other imaginary and superficial divisions; because of this, we are consistently kept unaware of our true unity as one humanity, and our true self-worth. Societies as we know them cannot have us knowing our own goodness individually, and our power unified. If that were to happen, the world would look very different. We would not be divided by borders or bigotry; we would be one humanity, thinking of our own differences not with hate or fear, but with understanding and positive recognition.

Clearly, change is needed. We need to shift from our current concept of Society towards one of Community, as one Humanity. Fortunately, all Societies have one great weakness. Society is a machine; but it is made up of everyday people. These systems cannot perpetuate their system without the ignorant obedience of a great many people. If Humanity as a whole refuses to accept having a few of it's members dominate all of it, the machine is stopped. What is needed is a new organization of peoples, a new movement, separate and antagonistic towards the present concept of Society. One which will educate and actively work against the obsolete parts of our culture, these chains of iron and men which bind us to our fate. An Underground Network is necessary. And you're on it right now. The Internet.
Updated October 24th, 2008.

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