Thursday, November 13, 2008

Youth United

I'm back!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Been busy with other issues and things. Anyways, I have something to bring your attention to.

Have you ever noticed there's tons of special interest groups all over the place; There's the NRA for gun-owners, for example, and various lobbies for corporations. There are also numerous political parties, although we all know that only two really dominate the political landscape.

In any case, I noticed this. And I thought to myself; So many constituencies are represented, and to the point that many are vastly overrepresented (Generally depending on the wealth of said group). I was thinking; What if I started a "lobby", an organization, dedicated towards representing those under 18?

Hold on now. It should sound crazy to most people, but actually this could work. Consider this:
  • Most who would be interested in such an organization will be involved in the next presidential election that ever rolls around, and if not, definitely the one after next. They will also be involved in the next Senatorial election that comes around, and in the 1st to 3rd House elections from now as well. Thus, if we organize, those under the age of 18-20, we will have a considerable impact on any election if we organize.
  • In troubled economic times such as those we see now, it is those under 18 who will have a surplus of income to spend freely, or not.
  • Although many would say that we, the youth, cannot focus on anything important, and should be left out of politics, I feel strongly to the contrary. There are many intelligent, involved people under the age of 18 who would love a greater say in politics.
As a part of a larger drive to organize the Consumer base through organizations like Carrot Mob, this new conciousness could have a huge effect on politics, for the benefit of the middle and working classes. We recently elected a candidate based on the idea of change; but really, if we're going to make change, it's us who have to organize, we who must march in the streets, we who must rally our political and economic power. We must have a new kind of Union, one that spreads across the consumer base which is now the new frontier for unionization. And we can start that by organizing what may seem like the most unlikely group of history-makers. Until you realize that we are, quite literally, the future.

Our potential is to shape not only the political landscape, but also the economic one. We can, if we gain signatories, not only send letters to our Presidents and Congresspersons and Justices, issuing our statements and positions, backing them up with a reminder of our influence in the coming election(s), but also do the same to corporations, demanding equal rights for the workers, cleaner methods put in place, and remind them as well that we have the power to choose not to buy at their stores, and the organization to enforce that. The possibilities are purely endless.

All of our potential power is sapped unless we have an organization, however. And to resolve the absence of unity, I have started a fledgling organization to get the ball rolling. We should rally around this institution, and remember that division will not empower us. Check the site out, become a signatory at the Registar section, and invite your friends. Spread this virally throughout the internet. Take this into the schools, the churches, the households of this great nation. You and your world stand only to gain from this great and noble undertaking.

Here's the site:
Youth United

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