Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maturity and Rebellion

Subcultural conformism by age makes true youthful dissent easily dismissed by the establishment as simply thoughtless, reactionary, and sensational, as opposed to having any true intellectual merit. Unfortunately this is all too true, as these stereotypes have an unnerving basis in fact. Many rebellious youths will burn out or assimilate, out of fear, disappointment, or conversion. They will invariably accept that the stereotypes are indeed true, and those who do not are dismissed as immature.

However, immaturity and nonconformism are two entirely different concepts. In many ways, they are opposing ones as well.

It is the mark of maturity not to come to terms with the establishment, but to come to an understanding of oneself. The oft repeated former talking point is merely propaganda propagated by a set of self-preserving systems, that seek to delegitimize dissent, and thus establish ideological orthodoxy for the purpose of preserving the status quo. Not only is that completely contrary to the reality of an emergent society, but due to that fact it, this philosophy, will invariably be detrimental to humanity on an exponential basis over time the longer it is permitted to permeate our views and rule our perceptions.

We must recognize that at any given time our views inherently cannot be perfect. It is all we can do to strive for intellectual and ideological, individual and social betterment. The best way we might accomplish this is through free discourse and consideration of all ideas, no matter how contrary to established views. We have nothing to lose but outdated viewpoints, for if our current views are the best we have, we shall of course keep them, and if there are some that are better, we may adopt new ones. There is nothing to fear from such freedom and openness of mind.

In this way, and this only, may we form a more perfect union of humanity, society, and nature in which all parties benefit.

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