Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Open Letter to the Zeitgeist Movement

I would like to address the treatment of Communism by this movement.

There are many generalizations made about Communism and Socialism in the movement. I wish to point out that there has never been any large-scale implementation of Communism, and certainly not by any nation-state. The various references made to Communism and Socialism by the movement's materials generally cite the former USSR and China as being communist or socialist states: this is simply not true. They are mercantile-totalitarian, or mercantile-absolutist states. Communism as an ideology is a stateless system; there seems to be a basic misunderstanding about the tenets of Marxist theory that is unfortunately perpetuated by TZGM.

In fact, in many ways, ZGM and the Venus Project are a much-needed update for Marxist theory in the 21st century, accounting for new understandings about our emergent society and the ridiculous nature of Utopia, as well as incorporating new technological developments into the attempt to free mankind from needless labor.

I believe that you may already know this. I understand that you wish to separate this movement from the stigma of others. This would explain your decision to differentiate Z-Day from traditional protests quite well.
However, you must understand that by separating yourself from the communist ideology, you separate yourself from all the leftist movements that continue to struggle for, ultimately, the same goals. By dividing ourselves against each other we perpetuate the oldest of problems among leftist organizations: detrimental decentralization. We cannot succeed without having all of our activists on one team, and with the casual dismissals of both communism and participatory democracy (through the plan to delegate all important decisions to computers), you alienate our most basic resources: the already existing and operating leftist activists laying largely dormant.

Use us. Please. Reevaluate these two points of the movement, and the global bloodless revolution that we strive for, and we all so desperately need, will at last come to pass that much faster.


  1. After viewing the Venus Project website and other site about the Zegiest, how is this not communism? The basic tenements of your philosophy are the same.

  2. The Venus Project's particular brand of Technocracy is essentially an adaptation or evolution of Communism for the technical capacities of modern society. In this sense, I admire the goals of that movement.

    However, the basic tenets of our philosophies are far different beyond parts of society's economic organization. In terms of political and societal participation in the larger system, I advocate an ensured collective individual (one-human one-vote) participation in the society when macroeconomic resource allocation becomes an issue. To the contrary, the Venus Project's plan is to simply put all faith in the society's scientists and engineers to solve any resource-allocation issues, and in a larger sense societal-direction problems and issues, through the choices and decisions of computers and technicians. In essence, I advocate modern democracy, whilst they advocate modern liberal oligarchy. While the general concept is largely similar, there is a very important difference in terms of an abstract sense of human political empowerment and direct involvement in the society, as well as long-term sustainability issues.

    It's enough to keep me from simply melding into the Zeitgeist movement and become a mouthpiece for a system I don't entirely believe will work properly. In addition, I have issues with the Zeitgeist Movement's mishandling of speaking about important issues that leave it open to refutation in open debate at an educated opposition's leisure.

  3. This is probably the most relevant thing Ive ever seen regarding the zeitgeist movement, for those already familiar with the movement that is


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