Saturday, May 8, 2010

Veganarchist Values, Morals, Tenets

Values and Morals are the priorities one puts upon life. It is a person's general direction, and consequently can function as the collective measure of the true worth of a society. Beyond technology, wealth, and power, there is what those are all used for; and that intent of an individual or a group is what is most important, in the end.

When someone is born into a society, they generally adopt and adhere to the general values and morals of that society. Throughout human history, the idea of having two sets of moral or values was seen by the Establishment, particularly the Church (and State, when they were united) as being a direct threat to its existence. Though times are more tolerant at present, at least superficially, in a very real way this was a correct assessment. This multiculturalism and allowance for free thought allows one, in theory anyone, to free oneself from the shackles of thought control.

Still, uncommon willpower and time to discern the situation of society and this that of the of slavery within our own value systems is required; this greatly impedes the great impoverished masses from realizing this, or being able to act upon it, being weighted down with the load of labor and subsistence life, and also due to their often de-facto imposed isolation from the wider world. Ironically, it is generally up to people of wealth, power, and relative leisure to catalyze social change. However, the Upper Class is usually so inundated with propaganda and pleasure that they usually do not want to, or know how, to work for revolutionary change, with some notable exceptions; and even if they do, they are usually the moderating influences on such revolutionary activity. So this leaves one group: the middle, given just enough to be free, but not enough to be serfs once more. Generally, it has been people in the upper-lower to upper-middle classes in developed countries that has produced meaningful revolutionary leadership; generally people that actually, comparative to most, appear to benefit from the Establishment's system. It is from this group that I come, and from this group that I think will come the leaders of Veganarchism: those people with the opportunity to help others understand, with the revolutionary capital, so to speak, to "invest" in a revolution which will create a better future for all; even the now poorest of the poor, to the richest of the ruling class.

Those who dissent from the mainstream are varied: one of these groups, however small, is composed of the Veganarchist movement. Parts of this ideology are shared and practiced by a lot of people; it's just that only a few that recognize their connection, and practice all of them.

The central tenets of Veganarchism are as follows:
  • There is an Establishment which is a parasite upon Humanity, having corrupted its society so as to keep it from evolving to a more humane, progressive, and advanced state.
  • This Establishment is the dominant force in human society, and maintains homeostasis and thus its existence by maintaining the status quo, whatever the cost to humanity, by manipulating all people to its agenda of self-preservation.
  • This Establishment must be destroyed, and can only be done so by the simple act of people recognizing the previous two tenets, and working to make a new society free of this parasite. The Establishment is already losing ground gradually due to a general trend towards higher technology and (most importantly) the application of such higher technologies towards the furtherment of a more humane society.
  • The Establishment and Humanity cannot coexist for much longer. The Establishment must be destroyed soon, for we are reaching a point of no return for our society in many aspects, amongst them environmental and technological: we must find a way to reorganize society that will permit us to have a reasonable chance at our continued existence as a species without destroying ourselves.
The Central Values of Veganarchist adherents are as follows:
  • Veganarchists are engaged in a Five-Part Struggle against the Establishment: Political, Economic, Egalitarian, Environmental, and Belief. Others are engaged in less comprehensive struggles, or none at all, and should be "upgraded" to the Five-Part Struggle. All Humanity is our potential ally, and we work for even the benefit of our self-proclaimed opponents.
  • Veganarchists practice universal love and forgiveness for all people; retribution is not an option, no matter how heinous an individual or a group's crimes. All people deserve to be put upon the path of righteousness, however much we may dislike them personally, or their choices morally.
  • Veganarchists, accordingly, do not commit violence, whenever it can be avoided, against any sentient being. A cow, a horse, a dog, and even the tiniest insect are innocent; . We don't walk around trying not step on bacteria; but if something has a brain to feel its own demise, it should certainly be spared if reasonably possible. Certainly a Veganarchist would never support the mass organized killing of human beings in wars, or animals in factory farms; they are appalling injustices.
  • Veganarchists maintain their beliefs, even when it is hard to keep from not dissenting. Never keep your mouth bound shut; only maintain a kind tone and peaceful intent. Individualism and confrontation do not mean anger and violence.
  • Veganarchists try to keep from falling into despair over the subject of how backward the world may seem to them. Depression leads to anger, anger leads to violence. In addition, it drives others away from looking at the philosophy. We try to keep an upbeat, optimistic, and positive tone to our thoughts and words as much as possible.
  • Veganarchists want to have fun. This is, I think, the most important tenet. We aren't a bunch of armchair revolutionaries idly hypothesizing about the inevitable proletariat revolt of retribution against the ruling class, that we will never live to see: on the contrary, we want to participate in a revolution in how we think about others, and how we run our world. We want to love, and be loved, we want to see the whole world mature, we want to live our lives, we want to be a creative factor of this new world we're going to create. And we want, most of all, for you to join us of your own volition. We want you to choose love over hate, individuality over obedience, empathy over callous ignorance, and become a stronger, healthier, happier, more loved and loving human being, an adult worthy of inheriting with us what is an all too childish world.

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