Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spreading Veganarchism

Some will say we, the Veganarchists, will spread like a virus. Like a disease we will corrupt the minds of the gullible and weak-minded, but will eventually be stamped out by the good forces of strong will and emotional knee-jerk reactionary stagnation.

In reality, we are not the disease. We are the cure.

We are the cure for a dying cancer patient in all of us, of all of us. We are the antidote for all the ills of society, and we are evolving faster than the disease is. For we are movement, to the old stagnation; we are the education to the old ignorance. And we are the collective to the old selfish.

We do not corrupt minds; we enlighten them. Unlike the Establishment which will seek to, and already does so effortlessly, demonize or ridicule us, we do not impose our views on others. We convince them, through reasoned debate, rational argument, constructive criticism. We teach those who are not privileged to understand the world as we do, and listen to what they, the students, have to say. We teach them peer-to-peer, with humility and patience. And, eventually, they understand.

And when they understand, we arm them. Not with guns or knives, but with words and insight: things far more dangerous, profound, and capable.

And they will seek out new students, to teach them what they have learned. And so on.

And so the world shall change dramatically. Through kindness and commonality, humility and humanity. All for one, one being all.

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